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I’m trying to plan a trip for the UK summer school holidays for 2 adults & a 15 year old. We are all climbers & general outdoor adventurers and are up for any kind of outdoor stuff – nothing too organised or lame though.

Our daughter really wants to see wildlife. Ideally it would be somewhere a little off the beaten track as soon she will be 18 and going off backpacking on her own so I would like to give her a safe (with us) introduction to non package travel.

We can’t go to America. Anywhere else considered & ideas gratefully accepted.



jbosworth 28/05/14    Where to go Link Report

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Hi Jess,

Sounds like a good idea – she’ll probably enjoy backpacking independently a lot more if she’s had some practice! In our ‘best places to visit in July’ article (www.roughguides.com/article/best-places-to-visit-in-july) we mention Perú; Salcantay and Choquequirao are good alternatives to the main Inca Trail route. Unless, of course, you meant you can’t go to America the continent! We also have a similar ‘August’ article (www.roughguides.com/article/the-best-places-to-visit-in-august).

I’d say that Eastern Europe should definitely be on the list for consideration, especially Slovenia and Slovakia. Stunning, less likely to be overrun than many other European destinations, and with some pretty stunning nature and wildlife to be seen! Or maybe, like Olivia, you’ll enjoy taking in the nature reserves that make up a quarter of Estonia: http://www.roughguides.com/article/things-to-do-in-estonia/

Hope this gives you one or two ideas, and enjoy your trip!

Rebecca Hallett 28/05/14    Link Report

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Hi Jess – I recently spent time in Slovenia which is great for climbing and hiking etc. Lots of activities, very beautiful countryside and great for independent travel because it’s so small. Check out my article here:


However – if you want more wildlife I’d recommend Kenya. Safaris in Kenya are incredibly rewarding for all ages (I went with my mum when I was 19 and she was 48!). You can climb Mount Kenya in the Great Rift Valley and of course there’s a stunning coastline too. It’s easy to get around on public transport (the Nairobi-Mombasa train particularly) so great for backpackers.

Do check Foreign Office advice before you leave and be aware of some political situations there. Good luck with your trip and let us know where you go!

Lottie Gross 28/05/14    Link Report

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I would suggest SE Asia, it is a perfect introduction to independent travel, easy to get around and cheap.

Michael Huxley 01/06/14    Link Report

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