What's on your bucket list?

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According to a TravelSupermarket survey, seeing the Northern Lights tops over a third of British travellers’ bucket lists.

Here is the top ten:
* Seeing the Aurora Borealis in Norway (37 per cent)
* Visiting the Egyptian pyramids (35 per cent)
* Road trip down Route 66 in the US (33 per cent)
* Walking the Great Wall of China (32 per cent)
* Experiencing an African safari (31 per cent)
* Taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas strip (30 per cent)
* Going on a cruise in the Caribbean (29 per cent)
* Seeing the Taj Mahal, India (28 per cent)
* Riding a gondola in Venice (27 per cent)
* Diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia (24 per cent)

We’ve already created our own travel bucket list here: http://www.roughguides.com/gallery/the-bucket-list-30-essential-travel-experiences/#/0

Are yours the same or different? What’s on the top of your bucket list?

Lottie Gross 03/12/13    General travel chat Link Report

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Northern Lights (on a trip combined with driving a husky sled) definitely comes high up on my list!

Also on the short list are:

– Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
– Night dive with manta rays in Hawaii
– Day of the Dead, Mexico
– Rio Carnival, Brazil
– Wildebeest Great Migration, Kenya/Tanzania

Should be enough to keep me busy for a while!

Olivia Rawes 03/12/13    Link Report

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Oh, God. So many. Here are just a few off the top of my head:

Derweze in Turkmenistan
Hallelujah mountains in China
Haiku Stairs in Oahu
Bagan in Burma
Chand Baori in India (and, yes, that little-known mausoleum in Agra)
Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines

Kia 05/12/13    Link Report

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I love train travel – it’s the best way to see a land and meet the locals. I hate roads – they’re usually ugly and bring out the worst in people. Railway tracks cut through vast landscapes and wilderness without destroying its beauty. You can also save on time and hotel costs by taking sleeper and long distance trains. Here are just a few of the railway journeys on my list.

Cape to Cairo: Cape Town to Cairo via Bulawayo, Livingstone, Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, The Sudan and finally follow the Nile northwards to Cairo, Egypt. I’ve been lucky enough to complete the Egyptian part as well as parts of the journey in Kenya and Tanzania, but one day I’ll go back for the whole voyage.

Trans Siberian Railway (of course).

Coast-to-Coast across the states (San Francisco to New York). Follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg stopping off at various states along the way. I’d probably start in New York to finish somewhere warm!

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine. Google it – it’s not as mushy as it sounds!

Delhi to Pathankot and Dharamsala at the foothills of the Himalayas, India. I leave in two weeks!

Darjeeling Express – from New Jalpaiguri (Kolkata) to Darjeeling in West Bengal, India.

Orient Express. It doesn’t really exist anymore, not as a single route anyway. But I’ll start in Paris and head east via Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest to Varna, before catching a boat to Istanbul to finish.

It’s not all about trains, here’s a few more that are on the list:

The Seven Summits – climb the highest mountain on every continent.
Traverse the intraversible – cross the desert of Rub’ al Khali or The Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula.
Sail the South Pacific.
Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia.
Cross the Antarctic and the Arctic circles – I got within 60km of the Arctic once.
Skeleton Coast, Namibia – awash with shipwrecks.

Atlasandboots 06/12/13    Link Report

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Just a few:

– Climbing the half-dome in Yosemite – The whole park looks to be the most amazing place anywhere in my opinion, so being able to look out over it have conquered the half-dome would be brilliant. I do wonder if there is any time of year the park doesn’t look stunning.

– Climbing Mount Fuji – Visiting Japan would be an amazing experience anyway, but being able to look down on Tokyo from the top of Fuji would be awesome.

– Christmas in New York – Home Alone 2 has a *lot* to answer for in this regard…

– Skiing in the Rockies – the mountains look pretty special all year round, but visiting Aspen et al during the skiing season (despite the costs) would be amazing.

– American coast-to-coast – echoing another comment, going from New York to San Francisco is the ultimate dream. Being able to stop anywhere, visit anywhere, and see such a wide variety of places and people, it would be simply amazing.

TheQuietLAD 09/12/13    Link Report

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- Japan
– North & South Korea
– Musandam Peninsula in Oman
– Senegal
– Zanzibar (again!)
– Managing to see the Northern Lights after a failed attempt (yes,guys, there’s no guarantee you’ll see them!)
– Summer in Québec
– Uyuni Salt Plains in Bolivia

Travel with Pedro 11/12/13    Link Report

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According to our lists, people would rather jump out of a plane than get married!! Yep, that’s right, skydiving tops the list, way ahead of walking down the aisle. Funny but true!

facebook_user_ab182c4103b503e52f698f13563f9b0e 12/12/13    Link Report

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Live in Cambodia with a local family for a month.
Tango in Buenos Aires.
Spend a summer in Scandinavia.

GoodLifeinDR 23/12/13    Link Report

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My Bucket List:

1) Get to visit the ever famous Angkor Wat
2) Visit those lovely animals at the Serengeti
3) Go mountain climbing (anywhere) still looking for the perfect place to do this
4) Celebrate a special occasion at HK Disneyland (hopefully this will happen this year)
5) Enjoy a tropical island getaway with my partner during December ’14

travelchick 09/01/14    Link Report

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