What do you do when a natural disaster strikes on your holiday?

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I’m curious how traverler’s handle a natural disaster while on holiday. I just got back from Central Europe and disaster struck. Rain was non-stop for days and the rivers of the Saxony area of Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary were flooded. No Metro in Prague, trains were halted through-out Central Europe, no river traffic, people died, historic areas damaged, and was put on alert for evacuation to disaster centers. I know what I did, but I am curious how others would handle earthquakes, floods, fires, etc????? There are no right or wrong answers, just a discussion that may help others who are on extended holiday, have planned, have reservations for hostels, hotels, and transporation, etc.

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Boy, not sure of a good answer except to sway I`m glad that I didn`t go, and they didn`t get caught, on the Char Dham Yatra trip this year with my org. That`s Uttarakhand for those that are watching the news.

I went with them in 2009 and fortunately for them, they go earlier than monsoon time – even if the monsoon came much earlier this year. I shudder to think of what`s it`s like up there now.

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Excellent question!

First thing, don’t panic.

Second thing, don’t panic!

There are obviously specific rules and regs for dealing with specific disasters dependent on the emergency (a flood will be very different from an earthquake or volcano eruption for example) but the first thing to do is to get yourself and any loved ones somewhere safe as far away from the original site as possible and stay there. If there are emergency shelters set up or you need assistance then head to them first.

If you are trained/qualified (ie medic/military) or in a position to help without putting yourself in danger then do so if needed.

Otherwise stay where you are and stay safe. Listen to local news and FCO (or your own country’s equivalent) for any advice. As soon as it is safe either listen out for and follow emergency evac procedures or if possible move away from the area yourself by following local authority/government protocol or assistance.

Michael Huxley 20/06/13    Link Report

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