Tips for driving in Italy

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Madhusree Singh asks on Facebook: “Is it worth it to drive in Italy?”

Is hiring a car easy, and a better option than trusting the public transport network?

Tim Chester 18/06/13    Getting aroundItaly Link Report

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Hi Madhusree,

It depends where in Italy you’re going, of course…In general, though, car rental is quite pricey, especially in high season. It’s always best, and usually cheapest, to book in advance. Bear in mind you have to be over 21 and that traffic can be heavy on main roads and in city centres (no surprises there!). Drive assertively and keep an eye out for zigzagging scooters.

The Italian train network is pretty comprehensive and, compared to most of Europe, quite reasonably priced. There are all sorts of trains, from basic to high-speed luxury and you can buy most tickets in advance online or at major train stations or travel agents. However, trains won’t get you everywhere – if you’re heading into the countryside you’ll almost certainly have to rely on regional buses, which can be quite irregular.

That’s not to mention travel by ferry, bicycle or scooter! Have a great trip, however you choose to travel.

Monica Woods 18/06/13    Link Report

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