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Thanks to the advice on here I’ve come up with a very rough itinerary for my time in Thailand, and was hoping that some of you could check it out for me?I was planning on 6 weeks in Thailand (I then have roughly 3 weeks in Malaysia and a week in Singapore before flying home).I wanted to split my time up, 3 weeks in the north and 3 weeks in the south. So after Bangkok I would spend a week or so in Ayutuya and then head up to Chiang Mai for two weeks where I want to do some trekking if this is possible in that time? Then I will head down to the islands for 3 weeks. Maybe 1 week per island but I really want to get my padi certificate so want one of the islands to be Koh toa? Was also thinking of Koh Chang? What do you think? What is the best ways to get down to the islands?

After that I will fly straight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Thanks to everyone who replies! X

Stephanie L 11/04/13    Thailand Link Report

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Hi again!

It’s not bad at all, but needs a little tweaking if you don’t mind my saying?

3 weeks including Bangkok, Ayyuthaya and Chiang Mai, including a trek of a few days is pretty good. I wouldn’t necessarily spend a whole week in Ayyuthaya though, maybe cut it down and spend longer in Bangkok or even add a couple of days in Kanchanaburi?

Maybe say 1 day to rest and acclimatise after arrival, 5 days in Bangkok, 3 days in Kanchanaburi, 3 days in Ayyuthaya, 1 week in Chiang Mai (including a 2 night/3 day trek), plus leaving a few days free for transit days/rest days.

Then 3 weeks on the islands is great too, 1 week per island sounds pretty good.

One issue though, Chang is a fair distance from Tao, so I would miss Chang off for this trip and concentrate on the islands that are close together. If Tao is your focus for your Padi certificate then you could fly straight into Samui, spend a week there, get the boat over to Tao and spend a week there, then (although not my favourite island) Pha Ngan for your last week, as they are all relatively next to each other and easy to get to from each other.

The quickest and easiest way to get down to the islands from Chiang Mai is to fly. Check out the budget airlines such as Air Asia or Tiger, then just get a cheap flight straight to Samui, easy.

Enjoy your trip! It sounds amazing!

Michael Huxley 11/04/13    Link Report

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No problem Stephanie, glad the advice helped.

It is very easy to ‘island hop’ as you say, but you just have to factor in which islands you hop to, that’s all.

Yes it is absolutely more than possible to travel overland to the islands (Well,most of the way anyway) and many people do prefer travelling in this way.

If you get down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai, you can take an overnight train from Bangkok’s Hualamphong train station straight through to Chumphon. The trains are cheap enough and relatively comfortable, with a decent bed so long as you book either first or second class. Or you can get an overnight VIP coach/bus which is a bit cheaper but not as comfortable.

I really recommend breaking this journey up with a day or two in Hua Hin as well, it’s a nice little town with a relaxed ‘seaside’ feel to it.

Once you arrive in Chumphon there are a whole load of agencies dotted about where you can get a ticket for the short ferry/catamaran to Koh Tao/Samui. Again this is quite cheap.

You can also get a ferry to Tao from Surat Thani, although I have never done this route myself.

This way WILL take up a full day at least in transit however, longer if you factor in the time it takes to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok again too, and even longer still if you stay in Hua Hin, so be prepared to factor that into your itinerary.

Michael Huxley 20/04/13    Link Report

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Thanks Michael, you’ve been a huge source of help!

The info on the islands makes a lot of sense, thanks. I had just been reading about each island and had started choosing ones that sounded good, I didn’t even think that they may be far apart! I just thought they’d all be pretty easy to ‘island hop’!

I’ve heard people talking about going overland to the islands too rather than flying (obviously getting a ferry too,) is this possible?

Stephanie L 19/04/13    Link Report

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Hi! I’m hoping someone could help me out since I’m doing a DIY trip for my family this coming October. Can someone help provide comments if 5-day itinerary is doable? And if possible, where can I fit Kanchanaburi tour (River Kwai, Death Railway and Elephant tour)?

Day 1 (Thursday) : Ayutthaya (Bang Pa-In + Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon + Wat Phananchoeng + Wat Phra Si Sanphet + Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit + Wat Lokayasutha0
Day 2 (Friday) : Floating Market + Samphran Elephant Ground
Day 3 (Saturday): Chatuchak + Siam Paragon + Patpong + night market
Day 4 (Sunday): Platinum/Central World/malls + Asiatique night bazaar
Day 5 (Monday): Grand Palace + Wat Trimit + Wat Pho + Wat Arun + free time shopping (if any)

– Trying to fit Kanchanaburi but no idea yet where to fit in
– Want to allot 2 full days for shopping


Camille 15/10/13    Link Report

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