Taking children to India

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Hi Rough Guides editors,

Jehanna Bowen asks on Facebook: “Are there any precautions a family should take traveling with young children?”

Any thoughts?

Tim Chester 12/06/13    Travelling with childrenIndia Link Report

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Well Indians are very tolerant of children so you won’t be turned away from places (and they’ll help break the ice with strangers!). But, of course, they’re especially vulnerable to many things – the sun, unsafe drinking water, unfamiliar food. Not many children are huge fans of chilli powder, for instance! If diarrhoea strikes, then rehydration salts are a must. Tell them to keep away from animals, and also consider a rabies jab.

Are you going with a baby/babies? Nappies are available in most large towns, but it’s worth taking a spare pack in case of emergencies, plus some Calpol (or similar) which isn’t widely sold, and a stash of powdered milk, as Indian brands might taste odd to your child. Dried baby food could also be worth taking – any café or chai-wallah should be able to supply you with boiled water.

Child-carrier backpacks are ideal – some even come with mosquito nets these days. A fold-up buggy is also well worth packing (even if you no longer use a buggy at home) as kids tire so easily in the heat.

Some good news – children under 2 travel for ten percent of the adult fare, and under-12s for half price.

Neil McQuillian 13/06/13    Link Report

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I echo and second all of the above 1st paragraph about “bugs and things”. I would probably suggest (though I`m not a fan of for several reasons) waterless hand cleaner to be used often for kids. Kids grab and touch way more than adults do, and their fingers end up in their mouths more often as well.

That said, on my last couple visits to Goa, I saw far more of the 3 and under crowd than I`ve ever seen.

PirateAt50 13/06/13    Link Report

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