Southeast Asia in a month

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Basically looking at going around Southeast Asia for around a month, is Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos too optimistic?

Is June/July a good time to go?

Heard a lot of a budget of around £1000 per month, is that still accurate?

panhands 18/03/14    When to go Link Report

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A month could be a little ambitious to cover so much ground, and you’ll spend a lot of time on the move. You might find it more rewarding to split your time between two or three countries and explore in more depth.

A budget of £1000 for the month should be fine, though. If you’re really frugal you might be able to get by on £15 a day for basic accommodation and food, though activities, fast buses and nicer guesthouses could quickly double that! (Check out our Southeast Asia on a Budget guide for tips if you’re looking to do the trip on the cheap.)

You’ll coincide with the southwest monsoon in June/July, so expect daily downpours and possible flooding. That said, it’s a fascinating area of the world and you might get some off-season deals…

Hope that helps!

Eleanor Aldridge 20/03/14    Link Report

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Quite bluntly it is WAY too optimistic. In just one month you want to be looking at just one country, and even then you won’t fit everything in! But at least you’ll be able to see the highlights as well as relax. If you try and fit more than one country in, you will just be rushing around, you will miss out on a lot, will waste a lot of precious time in transit and will end up rushed and tired.

If it is your first time in the region I personally recommend Thailand for a month. You won’t see everything (it is a big country) but you can get a good taste of it. You can divide your time (two weeks in the North and two weeks in the South islands depending on your individual tastes) and take some time to enjoy it.

Have a look here for all the basic info you will need on Thailand including costs, budget, etc.

And yes £1000 per month is a fair basic budget, depending on your accommodation tastes, what you want to do, etc.

Also travelling in the monsoon season can be amazing, (I personally prefer it). The weather isn’t that bad most of the time, the downpours are often over quickly, the scenery is more lush and green and there are less tourists about. Plus you can take advantage of cheaper rates!

Have a great trip!

Michael Huxley 21/03/14    Link Report

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Cheers for the advice!

Had a look at your article and enjoyed it, had narrowed it down to maybe 2 weeks in north Thailand then 2 weeks in Vietnam (flying I between) but now considering 2 weeks in north Thailand and 2 weeks in the south.

Looking to hopefully stay in more upmarket accommodation, at least a bed to share with my girlfriend and decent shower and toilet facilities. How much will this affect budget? Average per night price?

Really looking forward to it, but usually I’m a stickler for organisation, so just want to do plenty of research before going.

Last question, looking at booking a real relaxing hotel for the last few days, 4/5 star possibly a beach resort, are there plenty about around Bangkok so we aren’t too far away for the flight home? Should I book this before going or drop on one there?

panhands 21/03/14    Link Report

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Personally I think the nicer beach resorts are further from Bangkok. If you’re worried about flying out, just make sure you get back to Bangkok the day before your flight (you could always treat yourselves to a night in a posh city hotel to make it special).

This article is a good one showing some of the best beaches:

I think it’s a great idea to split 2 weeks north and 2 weeks south, I did the same years ago and loved it. Lots of hiking in the north around Chiang Mai is really rewarding, and the beaches in the south are brilliant for getting away from it all.

Your budget sounds pretty healthy, especially in the rainy season. At this time of year I’d probably opt for the Gulf Coast over the Andaman coast as it is less hit by the southwest monsoon. If you really want to stick closer to Bangkok, then a few hours drive from the capital on the east coast are Ko Si Chang and Ko Samet… You could always wait til you’re there and see what the weather is doing!

Rachel Mills 25/03/14    Link Report

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I totally agree it’s best to enjoy the beaches and islands down south then hop up to Bangkok a couple of days before your flight home, as Rachel says treat yourself to a nice hotel room or something, enjoy the street food and maybe do a bit of shopping.

Michael Huxley 26/03/14    Link Report

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