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I’m planning a two month trip (beg Oct to end Nov) on a relatively small budget. Does anybody have any ideas/itineraries on where’s best to visit during these months (where the weather is reasonably warm)?

I was planning perhaps a month in South America and then a month in India. Are these good places to visit in Oct/Nov?

Any ideas/hints/tips much appreciated!


sj333 04/04/13    Where to go Link Report

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Right, a few points here that I think need to be addressed.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the weather at that time of the year yet until you decide exactly where you want to go.

First of all you mention RTW, even though you have limited that to South America and India, you need to realise that it isn’t reasonable to expect that in just two months. I’m sorry I don’t mean to throw cold water on any plans you may have, but I think it is a bit unrealistic.

First of all South America is HUGE, with a wide variety of countries that could easily take up a month of travel EACH. Same thing with India, a month travelling through India would just scratch the surface of such an amazing country.

You could technically hop around the world in two months, Say London – Paris – Dubai – Bangkok – Sydney – LA, for example, but you would be jumping from destination to destination without actually seeing much of anything, and you would be exhausted and spend half your time in transit. Is that what you really want? Most people attempt an RTW in a year just to give you some perspective.

The second point is cost. If you are on a limited budget surely it makes more sense to limit your transit costs? Hopping from South America to India will eat up a fair bit of your budget.

In two months I would stick to one country, MAYBE two at a push but I certainly wouldn’t do more than that. Even then I would limit the second country to a neighbouring one and hop the border overland or with a budget airline to keep costs down.

India for example can easily eat up two months, but you can include a trip into Nepal within that if you keep in mind you won’t see everything in both places.

Michael Huxley 04/04/13    Link Report

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It depends what you like. We did a three month trip from Asia to Europe last summer taking in twelve countries. Apart from two short-medium haul flights that were kind of forced due to visa logistics, we travelled by boat, bus or train. Although it was tiring and we only got a shallow perspective on some places, I really liked the sense of movement – it even sometimes felt dull hanging around one place for too long – and the contrasts. Plus now I know which places would be interesting to go back to in the future for a longer visit, and which places are not my cup of tea. Though I don’t think spending loads of time in airports would have been much fun, land/sea travel is different.

p.s. though as you add more countries, the visa and transportation costs go up. It also means you have to plan more in advance.

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