Road trip to Monument Valley (USA)

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As part of a US road trip, I’m planning a drive to Monument Valley from Las Vegas. It looks like about 7 hours.

Is there scenery, like those monuments on the way to what google marks the spot as monument valley?

The reason is to save time I’d like to start the journey at noon and arrive just after dark, ready to get up early and do a tour. But i don’t want to miss iconic scenes on the way there


jamesaaust 17/06/14    Where to go Link Report

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How many days do you have for this trip from Vegas to Monument Valley? Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, Burr Trail ***, Moki Dugway are all things you could see on the way there! I found these items to be as neat as Monument Valley. Highway 12 (Utah) is a great drive (Burr Trail on this road also).

Gary 20/06/14    Link Report

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