Restaurants in Madrid for a birthday celebration

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I’m going to Madrid this weekend with a big group of friends to celebrate my birthday. Does anyone have suggestions for a fun restaurant? Preferably Spanish food….

Fiona Vance 08/10/13    Food & drinkSpain Link Report

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Hi Fiona,

What’s your budget?

As a traditional spanish cuisine I’d recommend these three (50-75 €). A truly great way of celebrate a special occasion!:

Julian de Tolosa (Basque cuisine)> Cava Baja (La Latina area) amazing basque steaks, fish and wine (this is probably my favourite)
La Bola> (near Callao), famous for its excellent Cocido (Madrilian sort of stew) I think this was founded in 1870.
Lhardi> Calle Mayor (La Latina area) founded in 1839

Mediterranean & modern cuisine (15-25 €):

Ojalá (Malasaña. Trendy area)
El Rincón (Malasaña area) nice terrace, great and quite affordable place Calle del Espíritu Santo, 26 (I love to eat and drink in the terrace when is sunny, doesn’t matter the cold ;)
El Armario (Chueca) Calle de San Bartolomé, 7

As a tip, if you want to try nice cheap tapas & raciones go to:

Almudayna> Calle del Espíritu Santo, 5 (Malasaña area)

I hope you enjoy it!


Marta Bescos 10/10/13    Link Report

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My favourite place when I visited Madrid was El Lateral (Plaza de Santa Ana and various branches across the city, Technically more of a tapas bar however the service is restaurant-standard and the food is terrific. They serve classic tapas dishes with a creative, modern twist.

I’ve also heard good things about El Botin (Cuchilleros 17, This 18th-century restaurant has a number of claims to fame – it’s cited in Guinness Book of Records as Europe’s oldest restaurant and was favoured by Hemingway – which can make it a bit touristy (watch out for performing musical groups in medieval garb!) but the food is said to be spectacular and focuses on typical Castilian dishes (with cochinillo, roast suckling pig, as a speciality).

Hope that helps and have a fantastic birthday!

Olivia Rawes 10/10/13    Link Report

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Thanks so much both for your great suggestions, lots for me to look at and decide!! :-)

Fiona Vance 10/10/13    Link Report

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