Puerto Madryn to Santa Rosa

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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone can help. We are currently in Puerto Madryn Patagonia and want to make our way north for a flight out of Santiago.

We want to maybe stop off at Santa Rosa and visit the national park nearby. Does anyone know how we can get there via bus? Is there a direct bus or will we need to change somewhere?


ljbee 13/07/14    Link Report

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Have you checked the Argentina bus website?:


It looks like you can go direct from Puerto Madryn to Santa Rosa. From there, you could get a bus to Mendoza and then another bus across the mountains to Santiago.

Here’s a useful website I just found that has the crossings marked:


However, as it’s winter in Argentina now, you might have trouble with border crossings being closed due to snow, particularly the one near Mendoza which crosses the Andes at its highest point beside Mount Aconcagua. Keep a close eye on the forecast. It might be worth splashing out on a flight. When I was in Mendoza this time last year, some people in my hostel missed their international flights out of Santiago because the pass was closed for a week.

Good luck!

roseoftheworld2 15/07/14    Link Report

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Also (if you haven’t already been there), an alternative would be to stay south to cross into Chile – eg. at lovely San Martin de los Andes – and go to Pucon, which is an absolutely stunning place with a volcano to climb and toboggan down. From there, you could make your way up to Santiago through Chile at leisure.

roseoftheworld2 16/07/14    Link Report

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Hi thanks for your advice! We actually decided to go across the country in the end, over to El Bolson and then Bariloche. Just arrived in Valdivia, Chile. Do you have any ideas about where we could stop off for a night on the way to Santiago? Thanks!

ljbee 19/07/14    Link Report

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