Planning a six week Europe Trip

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I will be going to Europe for my first time this summer with my boyfriend from mid July to late August and want to see as much as possible as I have never been and don’t know when the next chance i’ll get will be. Of course we want to go to cities like Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Venice and Rome to see the classic tourist attractions, Id love to hear about the best museums, places you must eat, markets, views. We are in our early 20’s so just looking for the full experience from experiencing the history to the modern additions. I realize it will be a lot of traveling but I really want to start in:

Amsterdam, then Belgium as we will be going to tomorrow land July 26, then I’m not sure if it would be best to continue down into France of go to Germany (guess it depends if theres better festivals/events on that time of month)

If I go to France we will go then to Spain cross over France again to get to Italy, From Italy have people found that its worth it to travel over to Greece for a couple days even if its a distance away? From Greece/Italy what are the best countries to cross over to eventually head up to Germany (Berlin) as well as going to Prague?

If we went to Germany first we would just reverse the order of locations, spending about 4-7 days in a country depending on which ones we think are most interesting.

Even the smallest details would be amazing!!! Thank-you for any help

haileylynn 13/04/14    Where to goEurope Link Report

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Think you should get a hold of Rick Steeve’s book on Europe. Look at getting a railpass. You can use overnight trips on train to serve in lieu of hotels. You may want to avoid the if Tuesday it must be Belgium type trip. I did do a tour on my first but have been back on my own a few times. Paris is a must Madrid might disappoint you but Barcelona is great. Berlin is my fav but I also saw it when the wall was up. On your cities use the subway planners to make the most of your day. Berlin has the BVG site which I use to determine time to get to a restaurant. If you get to Berlin go to the wall memoria on Bernaeur St. Read up on your wall history before you go to see why. BTW don’t bother with Checkpoint Charlie. Investigate getting a Eurrail pass. Best bet study these cities online sites asuch as tripadvisor to give you ideas.

Ian 16/04/14    Link Report

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Hi Haileylynn,

Sounds like a great trip!

There’s so much to see, so you’ll have to be pretty selective about what you do. Each capital offers something different, though.

Paris, of course, has some fantastic museums (Louvre, Musee D’Orsay, Musee Rodin among my favourites) and the food is wonderful – if it’s your first trip, go to Laduree for macarons, the Marche des Enfants Rouges (one of the city’s oldest markets) for lunch and then hang out by the Canal St Martin in the evening. It’s touristy, but you have to climb the steps to the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre for views over the city, too. In Berlin, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is harrowing but essential to see; make sure you visit the museum underground. You might also want to try your luck getting into Berghain or go for a night of cocktail-bar-hopping. In Barcelona I’d recommend taking a cooking class (I had a great time with Cook & Taste), following the Gaudi trail and spending a day on the beach. Madrid has a bigger city feel, which I love, and some great art galleries. There’s a fun little cable car you can take for views, too.

I’m one of the authors of the guide, so excuse the plug, but you might find the Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget useful. It’s got details of festivals, itineraries and transport plus tons of hotel, hostel, bar and restaurant recommendations.

As Ian says, getting a Eurail pass is a great idea. You can also use the Rail Europe site to check out connections in advance – this might help you figure out which route to take.

Have a great time!

Eleanor Aldridge 22/04/14    Link Report

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Hi Hailey,

I think your trip looks fantastic. I have found that some of my best memories from travelling, especially to larger cities is to do a smaller and more intimate tour. Have you thought about doing a walking tour in Paris or Rome? I have a few great suggestions where you can meet locals, see how the local shops and eat and learn more about history and culture than you can in a museum! Message me if you want some specifics. Good luck!

Aly Veronica 23/07/14    Link Report

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