Marrakesh taxis TIP

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Hi, not a question but rather a tip if you want to save a few dirhams when hopping within the city, as long as you don’t mind the less luxurious taxis on offer (not the standard Mercedes cab).

– Don’t get a parked taxi, call one on the move or they might charge you for ‘waiting’ (even if it wasn’t for you)

– If you’re travelling within the city, 20 dirhams should be plenty (including a tip!). Don’t ask for the price, just act as if you’re a local and hand it to them on arrival

This should save you money as they won’t think twice about charging you over 300 dirhams.

Note: you may have to share the taxi!

Good luck!

Olivier Grenier 06/06/13    City tipsMorocco Link Report

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Thanks! Another tip: try and stop them from dropping you off outside their cousin’s shop…

Tim Chester 17/07/13    Link Report

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