Itinerary Page(s) on website - Issues using - help?

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I’ve been trying to access the different itineraries on the itinerary pages. For instance, on the France page here:

On the map, it shows three itineraries. When I click another itinerary on the left (viticultural or iconic), it opens a new page of the exact same Le Grand Tour itinerary. I have tried it in different browsers, etc.

Is it a javascript error? Is it my browser? Have I missed something simple and will feel ridiculously silly soon?

Any help would be appreciated – thanks!

Kinda Wilson 08/04/14    Community FAQs Link Report

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Hi Kinda,

Don’t worry, you’re not doing anything wrong! We’ve been having some issues with the itineraries pages lately, but the web team are aware of it and and are working on a solution. They should be back up and running soon!


Rebecca Hallett 08/04/14    Link Report

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