How best to spend a week in Greece? Experts needed!

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I’ve got an American friend flying over in August for a fortnight.

She’s got a week in Greece before meeting us in Turkey, and wants to know how best to spend her time. Current itinerary looks like this:

Aug 14th – fly to Athens
Aug 15th / 16th – fly or ferry to Crete (which is better?)
Aug 17th – 21st – try and see the Acropolis, Santorini, Delphi

Could anyone advise? Which of these are worth seeing and which could be skipped? What’s the best way to get around? She needs to be in Dalaman, Turkey, at the end of it all.

All help appreciated!

Tim Chester 09/07/13    Getting aroundGreece Link Report

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Not really an expert, but since no-one else is answering and this seems like an easy one.

We went from Marmaris (90km from Dalaman) to Athens by ferry stopping off at a couple of islands along the way (Rhodes and an island next to Santorini) last summer.

It looks like doing the reverse route would work for your friend. There are many ferry routes around there, just google it. Athens (Piraeus port) – Santorini – Crete – Rhodes – Marmaris followed by a bus to Dalaman must be do-able though some of these connections only go a couple of days a week so you have to get your timing right.

The Acropolis is in Athens, Delphi is north-west of Athens (probably reachable by bus), so she can see those first.

The ferries take a long time and are not super comfortable if you go for the most basic ticket where you have no cabin and just have to lounge around trying to get some sleep in the common areas all night (if it’s a night sailing) but many people do it and I think it’s more fun than flying.

Personally if the schedule allows I’d omit Santorini and go to Anafi next to it which is far quieter.

Actually a week sounds like too short a time to include all the places you mention.

22camels 12/07/13    Link Report

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That sounds like a great idea – brilliant way to hop between the sights. Thanks for the tips!

Tim Chester 12/07/13    Link Report

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I would advise a ferry, as it has much more pleasure than a usual flight. It takes more time, but if you get used to it you can meet some people and enjoy the infinite sea and the nearby islands. Of course it is much more slow, but then the travel is the important, not the destination, right?

Giorgos 07/04/14    Link Report

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