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My husband and I plan to travel in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand in 2014 January or February.
Our budget is limited.
So would any one give us any information of Accommodation, Transportation inside the cites, exchange money, places to eat local good food and do sightseeing.

I have heard a lot of Sex Show and its fee is quite high. How much is it ( USD)? and is there any problem occur?

Thanks for your help!

blackrose 29/08/13    Budget travelThailand Link Report

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Hi, sorry about the late reply I seemed to have missed this question.

Can I ask how long are you going for and what is your rough budget? I can’t really answer your question without that info.

Until then look here for basic info on costs/things to see/do etc.

As for the sex shows, I can’t help you there,it’s the main reason I avoid Pattaya like the plague, despite the Thai governments (and the holiday industries) attempts to make it a family friendly package tour destination (that’s the other reason I avoid it!)

Michael Huxley 03/09/13    Link Report

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