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Hi, i am from country Georgia, It is on 5Th place in Top 10 Countries but i can’t fine it in ALL DESTINATIONS ON ROUGHGUIDES.COM. How can we add there our country an how can we help ?

xvliki 04/01/14    Getting around Link Report

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Hi there,

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, we can’t create guides for every country (as much as we would love to), and we have yet to create a Georgia guide. This means that we don’t have a dedicated Georgia page on this site, because that information is always taken directly from our guides. The pro of this policy is that we give you really high quality, up-to-date, original content. The con, as you can see, is that we are unable to create a destination page for every country, region or city of interest.

However, we do try to fill in those gaps as much as possible where we think there’s a good destination we haven’t been able to cover for some reason – hence our articles on Georgia, and inclusion of the country in our top ten list. We think it’s a great travel destination, and want to encourage people to visit as much as possible!

The fact that we don’t have a Georgia guide at the moment doesn’t mean we never will, and we always love to hear readers’ travel tips and corrections. If you want to help out, you can email information about Georgia or any other destination to [email protected]. We will store the information even if we don’t have a guide for that country yet, to pass on to our authors if and when we create that guide. Sending in your tips like this is really helpful; our authors use their personal experience to write their guides, so are able to personally consider your suggestions and add them into their itineraries.

I hope this is helpful, and thanks again!

Rebecca Hallett 06/01/14    Link Report

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