Greek Islands - which one to go for?

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Hi all

My girlfriend and I are looking to head over to Greece for a week at the end of September, and not sure whereabouts to head. Rather than staying on the mainland or island hopping we’d prefer to choose an island and stay put for the week. Ideally looking for a good mix of history and culture, with the option for one or two beach days if we fancy it.

Any good suggestions?



Matthew Ward 29/07/14    Where to goGreece Link Report

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We’re just back from our personal favourite (6th visit!) Symi; it is stunningly beautiful, great food and while it receives many day trippers, it’s unspoiled and there’s lots of opportunities to escape to quiet spaces. Beaches are beautiful, but all pebbly. A day out on the Poseidon is a great way to do lots of swimming, snorkelling and be spoiled with a ab feast cooked for you halfway through your trip around the island. Architecture is lovely and strict rules about what can be built and in what style ensures a consistency and aesthetic treat as you move in and out of the harbour.

caiti 31/07/14    Link Report

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