First time Mongolia - 2 month trip. Advice?

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I’ll be travelling with my boyfriend to Mongolia, flying in to Ulaanbataar in July and back out in September. Any advice on a route to take, or generally how to fill the two months best? In the first throes of planning so open to any suggestions.

becky8342 02/07/13    Budget travelMongolia Link Report

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WOW B! That sounds amazing!

I wish I could actually help you here – as Keith has done – but I have never been. Your post just caught my eye though, and I wanted to express how excited I am for you!

All the best.


Sean G. Lyndel 03/07/13    Link Report

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You’ll get there just in time for the brilliant Naadam Festival. It’s the biggest event in the Mongolian calendar and sees traditionally dressed men compete at wrestling, horse-racing and archery. The festival takes place on the steppes between July 11 and 13 this year.

There’s also a Yak Festival in Uvurkhangai on July 23, where you can watch yak races, yak rodeos and, apparently, even a yak beauty contest.

Check out the Tourist Board website ( for more info.



Keith Drew 02/07/13    Link Report

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