Disabled traveler planning first-time trip trip to Europe; travel with tour group to alone?

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Hi, I’m a first-time international traveller & I’m planning on going to Europe in 2015 but I want to do a World War Two tour of Europe that hits all of the major sights like Normandy, Dachau Concentration Camp, Anne Franke House, & other World War Two sights of Europe. I’m visually impaired & I have limited mobility & my worry with going with a group is my ability to keep up with the group & get the most out of the trip. Another concern I have is my lack of experience in traveling internationally & my lack of knowledge of how to plan a trip of this size. Also i’ve heard from people in the disability community that Europe doesn’t have the same standards that the USA does regarding people with disabilities & the accommodations in public areas like transport, hotels, restaurants, & other public ares. Any advice I can get would be much appreciated.

PhantomRose 20/08/14    Travelling with disabilitiesEurope Link Report

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