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What facilities are there for permanent wheelchair users in hotels, places on interest etc. also what transport is available for people who need to travel in their wheelchairs?

JeanBurdett 04/06/13    Travelling with disabilitiesMorocco Link Report

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Hi Jean,

It’s a mixed bag, I’m afraid. Access to sights can be difficult and accessible transportation is limited, but there are a growing number of (high-end) hotels that have rooms adapted for wheelchair users. Navigating the Medinas can be tricky, but not impossible, and while getting around steeper cities like Tangier will require some assistance, Rabat and Marrakesh shouldn’t pose any problems.

Tangier (Mövenpick), Fez (Palais Jamaï), Casablanca (Sheraton), Essaouira (Médina) and Marrakesh (Ryad Mogador Menara) all have rooms that are specially adapted for wheelchair users. One of the best places to stay, though, is Handi Oasis (handioasis.com/en), 15min from Marrakesh, a guesthouse specifically designed for travellers with disabilities; they can provide plenty of good logistical advice and also have their own adapted vehicle.

Access to sights, too, can vary. You’d have to negotiate steps if you wanted to get up to the terraces that surround the tanneries in Fez, for example, though the main prayer room at the striking Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is wheelchair accessible.

Grand taxis are a viable way of getting around, if you can get the front seat, though you’ll need some assistance getting in and out (manual wheelchairs are recommended).

The best option might be to travel with a specialist company. Handi Oasis also run excursions up into the Atlas mountains and to Essaouira, while Morocco Accessible Travel (www.moroccoaccessibletravel.com) offer a variety of itineraries in wheelchair-accessible transport as well as interesting tours such as a guided wheelchair tour of the Fez Medina.



Keith Drew 04/06/13    Link Report

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