Croatia and Slovenia

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We have 2weeks for Slovenia and Croatia and would like to
Make it a road trip without making res for all. We’re thinking
About renting car to do the trip. Thoughts? Advice?

linjin 05/05/14    Getting around Link Report

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Hi Linjin – I was in Slovenia last month and have plenty of ideas for things to do there. I’ve written this article on Rough Guides where you can get some info on where to go and what to see: (Logarska Dolina is an absolute must!)

I’d also recommend renting a car – it’s cheap in Slovenia (much cheaper than in Croatia) and the country is so small you can get from one side to the other in a matter of hours! The roads are very pleasant and often empty, and driving is one of the best ways to see Slovenia’s varied landscapes. Don’t forget to keep your headlights on though, even during daytime, otherwise you could could face a fine!

I’ve not yet been to Croatia, although am going in July, so I’m using these Rough Guides articles to help plan my trip – I hope you find them useful!
Best islands:
Croatia’s unexpected highlights:

Happy travels :)

Lottie Gross 06/05/14    Link Report

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Thank you Lottie. I have read your posts and they have been helpful. We had planned on starting in the south end and driving north into Slovenia. I looked at car rentals on line and they are quite expensive. Thanks for the tip on that we’ll have to look at our route again. We have a couple weeks over there. We’ll look forward to your articles on Croatia.

linjin 06/05/14    Link Report

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Hi Linjin,

I thought I would chip in with some advice on Croatia.

For ideas on where to go check out our itineraries, these should be helpful in giving you ideas about where you want to stop off on your road trip.

On to the practical stuff. Car rental can work out to be relatively cheap if you rent for a reasonable period of time. It’s worth arranging in advance as this tends to work out cheaper, have a look at a number of agencies (Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz all cover Croatia).

A few things that may be handy to know:
– Generally the roads are good, however, once you leave the main highways they can become badly maintained.
– A Green Card is not needed in Croatia itself, but is needed for the short coastal stretch of Bosina-Hercegovina at Neum, between Split and Dubrovnik.
– If you breakdown contact the Croatian Automobile Club which has a 24hr emergency service (call 987).
– In cities, finding parking spaces can be a bit of a nightmare, but there should be a number of garages you can park in/spaces provided by your accommodation, so it’s worth checking up on this beforehand.

Hope that helps and have a great trip!

Olivia Rawes 12/05/14    Link Report

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