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I am planning to travel Auckland , so am not able to decide weather to hire a Car Rental Auckland or not. Please help if anybody have any idea about it.

scotties 15/04/13    Responsible travelAustralia Link Report

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Hi there,

Haven’t actually used Scotties Car Rental, but you might want to read the reviews that have been posted up here:, which might help you to make your decision.

Scotties is a domestic car-rental agency, which means it’s probably cheaper than international companies. Here’s a few other domestic rental agencies that are worth looking into if you decide against Scotties:

A2B Rentals
Bargain Rental Cars


Helen Abramson 16/04/13    Link Report

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I can recommend Self Drive RV ( for cheap rentals! The sooner you book in advance, the cheaper it becomes!

Another possibility is relocations! they are “last minute/standby 1 way hires”. This means that they are extremely cheap ($1 – $5 a day) while maintaining the quality standards of a common rental. It also means that they have available vehicles on their lists only for up to two weeks in advance. So if you’re flexible, it’s a great way to save money during your travels!

Check out and I tried them out and worked really well.


travelbee 14/05/13    Link Report

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