Canada in May '14

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I’m headed over to Toronto in the 1st week of May for a conference. I intend to stay longer and spend some time travelling (wander around from 8th may till 14 May).
I know i don’t have much time, thus the confusion on where best to go..
Seen Niagara in the US, happy to skip it in Canada.

I’m researching train journeys, but right now i’m clueless.

Any advise is welcome. :)

nehajacob87gmail-com 10/04/14    Activity and adventure Link Report

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In Toronto, I was a big fan of the Kensington Market area, it’s got a really different feel to the rest of the city. Also the Library Bar, at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, right opposite Union Station.

You can definitely get a train over to Québec City and Montréal; of the two I preferred the latter, as the Old City of Québec, though it was really beautiful, felt a bit like a film set to me! Montréal felt more like a living city – and it’s Leonard Cohen’s hometown, so you know it’s cool…

If you have time to head down into Nova Scotia, I loved heading to Halifax by car. It gives you the freedom to just stop off wherever you’d like (there are a LOT of amazing National Parks) and see more of small-town life on the way. Lunenberg is a lovely place to spend a day in as well, and has the oldest operating inn in Canada (the Lennox Tavern).

Check out our Canada destinations page for more ideas on what to do in eastern Canada, I’m only able to speak from my own all too brief fortnight there!

Rebecca Hallett 10/04/14    Link Report

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Niagara Falls from the Canadian side is much better but to be honest it’s a bit too touristy and if you are happy to skip it then do! Plus you’ll be lucky to see through the crowds…

In Toronto itself I’d agree with Rebecca as Kensington Market is lovely as is the stretch of Queen Street West. Wonder down to the westshore or go to Toronto Island too. Canadian trains are very nice and feel like luxury compared to anything in the UK and are all done with VIA Rail and they can be expensive but it’s quicker than the bus(and even this part of Canada is bigger than you think..). Quebec city is stunning if you are not used to the grandeur of Europe but it is quite similar to major cities in Europe – if you are going it’d still be worth a few days. Ottawa is also not as bad as people say and has some nice parks (around Dows Lake and along the Rideau) but beware the train and bus stations are on completely opposite sides of the city and away from the centre… If you are going to visit another Canadian city then Montreal is a good choice as it has the quaint sections as well as being cosmopolitan and I couldn’t get enough of Mont Royal itself! The only reference I have of time is that the bus from Toronto to Ottawa was 5 hours, the train from Ottawa to Quebec city was about 5 hours, the train from Quebec city to Montreal is about 3 hours and the bus from Montreal to Toronto was overnight…

Rose 25/04/14    Link Report

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