Best treks in Norway's Western Fjords

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Hi folks,

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Norway’s Western Fjords region. We’re hoping to take advantage of the extensive network of huts and trails to do a three-night (or so) trek/backpack in the area. We’re going without renting a car, so we’re looking for a route that is a. accessible from a town that is accessible via ferry/train/bus, b. likely to be snow-free in late August/early September c. not too steep or challenging, as one of us has chronic knee pain and isn’t super pleased with steep descents (though we’re young and otherwise fit) and d. is appropriate for intermediate backpackers. We live in Washington State and do lots of backpacking and camping in the Cascades, so we have all the appropriate gear and know how to prepare for unpredictable weather and alpine conditions. Still, we’re not mountaineers and don’t have glacier travel experience.

We’re flying into Bergen and flying out of Alesund.

Naturally, we recognize we may only be in Norway once, ever, so we’re looking for maximum awesomeness in terms of scenery :)

Look forward to hearing from some experts out there!

Thanks a lot!

mahill23 26/05/14    Activity and adventureEurope Link Report

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Take the fast ferry from the aquarium in Bergen to Sogndal and then bus to Fortun. Then start with the climb to my ancestral farm Fuglesteg (pride, pride…) and then walk over to Turtagro, the 2068 meters high Fanaraaken, Skogdalsboen with the finish at the famous Vetti waterfall and Aardal at sea level again with a return by bus to Bergen again.

Torodd Fuglesteg 24/06/14    Link Report

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