Best 15 day itinerary to Rajasthan

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Hello everyone,

I’m new here and would like your advise for the best itinerary for my trip to India on march/april 2015. I will be travelling by car and driver from Delhi for about 15 days and 14 real nights with my wife and my daughter 8 years old. It is our first visit and I have read hundreds of opinions about the best way to spend time out there, either starting Agra and then to Jaipur ending in desert (Jaisalmer) to return Delhi, or starting in desert ending in Agra to Delhi.

I also would like your opinion about the Rough Guide “Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra”, because it is a 2010 edition and don’t know if it’s somewhat outdated. I’ve seen the web reviews of this guide and seems to be one of the best along with Lonely Planet and Footprint. What do you think? I wonder if this guides have good city maps and itineraries.

I appreciate very much your help.

Jaime 31/08/14    Getting aroundIndia Link Report

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1. Please do remember that March/ April is the beginning of summer in north India.
2. Itineraries are subjective and completely individual determined. Having said that, there are a few must dos IMO. Agra, Fathepur Shikri and Sikandra are a minimum 2 day event. From Agra, you could move to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary on the way to Jaipur. Jaipur should be three days. I would recommend skipping Ajmer and Pushkar and suggest spending some time in Bundi. From Bundi, Udaipur is a good option. There is a good fort Chittorgarh, which should be seen.
From Udaipur, you move on to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Fly back to Delhi.
I use the Lonely Planet often, the itineraries and city maps are good but the information on hotels and restaurants is dated.

usdash 01/09/14    Link Report

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Thank you very much. Very useful information and tips. I will consider your options.

Jaime 01/09/14    Link Report

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Hi Jamie,

Rather envious of your trip – I love India, especially Rajasthan.

With regards to the Rough Guide to Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra, it hasn’t been updated for a few years but I found it to be helpful in 2010 when I used it. It has plenty of good background information on each place, but of course the listings will likely be a little out of date. Alternatively, you could get the ebook version of our India guide so you don’t have to lug the whole book around with you. The guide was updated in 2013 so is a far more current version. Here’s a link to buy the ebook:

Have an excellent trip!

Lottie Gross 03/09/14    Link Report

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Hi Lottie,

Thank you very much. My brother bought me the paper book of the Rajasthan one so, could be a good alternative having the India e-book also. In two weeks I receive it.

I have never used a Rough Guide but some friends are telling to me is one of the best for any place you choose, no matter if you don’t have the newest version.

Which itinerary did you take and how long was your stay there?


Jaime 04/09/14    Link Report

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Hi Jamie, I was in Rajasthan for about a month. This was my itinerary:

Delhi – Madawa – Bikaner – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Agra – Delhi

Thoroughly recommend Jaisalmer, Madawa and Jaipur (and Agra of course, for the Taj Mahal). We took public transport the whole way – mainly long distance buses. I’d imagine if you have your own vehicle it could be done in far less time, although some of the drives are long!

Have an amazing time, I hope the Rough Guides serve you well!

Lottie Gross 04/09/14    Link Report

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Hi Man,

I am from New Delhi, India and I think I can assist a bit. In India a trip to Delhi, Jaipur and Agra is called “Golden Triangle” as all these 3 cities are like 3 points of a triangle. I would suggest you to check out these links


My suggestion will be to 1st explore New Delhi (3-4 days are enough), then visit Jaipur along with (Samode) (4-5 days) and then explore Agra (also fatehpur sikri). Plus in Delhi when some ones visit Agra they also plan to visit Vrindavan & Mathura.

For accommodation I would suggest you that in Delhi stay in “South Delhi” as this is one posh area of the city, In Jaipur if you want to stay in city then prefer Bani Park and also check our Kookas area (a bit outside the city) and in Agra stay in Taj Hotel or near by it.

Do check out these hotels:
1. (Hotel in South Delhi)
2. (Resort in Jaipur)
3. (Resort in Jaipur)

Hope my comment could assist.

Jatin Chhabra 31/10/14    Link Report

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