Bali Trip - June 2014 - Surfing, Hiking, Hanging out

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I’m planning a trip to Bali, I will be there for 3 weeks from 23rd June to mid July. I am a friendly & sociable person, 33, female, English & looking for travel buddies. I am interested in surfing, hanging out, hiking and partying! I would love to meet fellow travellers in their 20s / 30s who would like to socialise over drinks / meals etc. I am planning to explore Bali, including the Ubud region & the Gili Islands. Also, if anyone has any tips on must visit places that would be cool!

Siouxisu 21/05/14    General travel chatIndonesia Link Report

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Hi there,

places you should really check out in Bali are:

1. Gunung Kawi
2. Munduk region
3. Menjangan island
4. Sidemen
5. Balangan beach
6. Batukaru

Even though you will not find shit load of people here, these places are what Bali really is about. While Ubud still has its charms it is looking more and more like Kuta (why else let Starbucks in?) but these spots above will make you come back. More great info on spectacular places I found through Won’t be in Bali this summer, otherwise we could hang out and go for a drink.

Matsimo 25/05/14    Link Report

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Hi Matsimo,
Thanks for the tips. That’s exactly what I’m after – the info on the off the beaten track places & hidden treasures from someone who’s been there! Will check out as well. Cheers!

Siouxisu 27/05/14    Link Report

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I’d like to add some more places:
1. Karma kandara beach
2. Bali cliff beach
3. Padang2 beach
4. Blue point beach
5. Mount batur
6. Virgin beach
7. Amed and tulamben beach

If you need any other questions or maybe directions to those places, you can call or text me.
Enjoy Bali!

Yoddy 06/06/14    Link Report

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Hey Siouxisu,
from your description sounds like Bali is the best place for you.
I have been living in bali for the last 10+ years and I tell you people dont exagerate then they call it paradise.

trying to stay away from Seminyak, unless for a couple of nights out, too crowed.
you definetely want to find a place in canggu or the sorrunding area.
gilis sounds great too.

I actually help out sometimes with a local blog.
people really like it.

I hope you can find some good info and tips yourself.
have a look at this article for examples

Claudio Cuccu 31/07/14    Link Report

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Hi Claudio,

I read you live in bali and I was wondering if you could help me with some information about travelling around Indonesia, I’m trying to limit the distance as much as possible as I only have 2 months, but have no idea about ways to get around/cost of living. Was hoping maybe you could help! message me if you can, thanks.

lizzydavis 31/05/15    Link Report

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