Kelsey O'Brien USA

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About me

I've been traveling and writing for most of my life, but things took a turn when I studied abroad in Oxford and actually began to write about my travels! I've has been lucky enough to visit places both at home and abroad that have opened my mind and given me a more global perspective. My favourite things about traveling solo are the confidence it instills, the new stories I stumbles across, and, of course, the food.

Places I've been

London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Krakow, Ireland, Istanbul, Israel, England, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Italy, France, Berlin, Iceland, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Chicago, Milwaukee, Yosemite Valley, Croatia, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Budapest, New Orleans

Places I'd like to visit

Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Wales, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Africa, Iran, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Peru, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, China, Kenya, Chile, Antarctica, Galapagos, Myanmar (Burma)