Jayne Cravens A broad often abroad | Oregon, USA

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About me

I'm an international consultant regarding communications, community engagement and nonprofit/NGO management. I'm also an international traveler for both work and for fun. I've been to more than 35 countries, and 40 of the states in the USA. For the next few years, I'm focusing on traveling by motorcycle.

Places I've been

Afghanistan, Albania, Hobart TAS, Australia, Perth WA, Kabul, Kandahar, Panjshir, Butrint, Melbourne VIC, Austria, Brugge, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar, 2820 Melnik, Bulgaria, Shumen, Canada, Jasper, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kraków, Poland, Egypt, Cairo, Luxor, 22100 Dinan, France, Brittany, Germany, Cologne, Bonn, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Sinzig, Remagen, England, London, Bournemouth, Oxford, Ireland, Dublin, Slane, Kilkenny, Orkney Islands, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, India, Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Mexico, Mexico City, Puebla, Italy, Naples, Rome, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Vatican City, Luxembourg, Macedonia (FYROM)