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About me

Lots of my friends have been on working holidays in Australia on separate occasions over the last few years and even though they went alone, they all said they had the time of their lives. From the stories they were telling me, they didn’t regret a minute they spent there and when they got back to England, I had the impression that they had ‘grown’ psychologically. I’ve been told it’s very different from the UK/Europe in a lot of ways, not just in terms of the climate and wildlife. I’d particularly like to visit local nature reserves and explore the wildlife. I would also love to see both Melbourne and Sydney. This is something I’ve had in mind for over 5 years now so hopefully my dream will finally come true in 2014! I’m trying to find the courage to go all by myself because if I wait for a friend to achieve the difficult combo of finishing uni AND having the money for the trip AND not being tied into a full-time job, I might end up waiting another 5 years...

Places I've been

Barcelona, Chicago, Amsterdam, Lisbon

Places I'd like to visit

Thailand, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, New York, Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Berlin, Russia, Morocco, Croatia, Croatia