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About me

Exploring new destinations (near & far) is always fun, but there's a handful of extra-special places that, magnet-like, have drawn me back a fair few times. History, art, nature, language and - most definitely - food & drink all sit atop my must-do list. And I'll try anything once...

Places I've been

Sardinia, New York, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Seattle, Montana, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, New Brunswick, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, City of San Marino, Monaco, Malta, Boston, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Australia, Canada, Denver, Salt Lake City, Nashville

Places I'd like to visit

New Zealand, Chile, Minneapolis, Japan, Portland, Bali, Turkey, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Slovenia