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We are just a regular Canadian couple driven to wander the globe. Follow us on our journey! We are not travel experts. We are not paid to promote certain destinations, tours, or gear. We are not professional bloggers, photographers, or journalists. We are just a regular Canadian couple who have an undying, relentless passion for travel. With our website and Internet presence, we hope to provide our readers with insight into the process of how, as a regular couple, we are turning the Dream of a world trip into a Reality. If you are just as passionate about travel – and just as average – as we are, we hope our perspective will be helpful for you. —— Individual Bios: Stephie is a 22-year-old university graduate whose travel resumé rivals some travelers twice her age. She has been to a number of countries as a tourist, student, and volunteer. Stephie hopes to spend her life doing what she loves: traveling the world, helping others, and learning new things along the way. Eric is a 22-year-old university student whose graduation day can’t come soon enough. While he doesn’t have as much travel experience as Stephie, he is just as passionate about seeing the world. He believes that life is meant to be enjoyed, and by traveling he hopes to experience as much cultural and natural diversity as this world has to offer.