22camels "A Bedouin who says he's eaten 22 camels in a month poses with a camel outside a makeshift protest camp off the highway on the road between Sirte and Al-Sidra." | UK

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About me

"The dairy is home to 22 camels and claims to be the first camel milking farm in the United States." "The Emperor apparently had a much friendlier relationship with the Sultan's successor, for according to the medieval historian al-Maqrizi, Dawit sent 22 camels laden with gifts to Berkuk, the first Sultan of the Burji dynasty." "Dressed as a Bedouin she took with her a caravan of 22 camels to carry her baggage. " "Lorne McMillan owns Hi-View Farms, where he tends to 22 camels." "22 camels were located in Chariliche, Miyo woreda.. Police are still searching for the raiders."

Places I've been

Japan, Singapore, France, India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, United States, Greece, Slovenia, Thailand, Portugal, Russia, Hong Kong, Finland

Places I'd like to visit

Indonesia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Congo, Myanmar (Burma), Siberian Cossacks